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Computacenter Technology Insights

Computacenter are one of Europe’s leading providers of IT infrastructure and services to large scale organisations across the public and private sector.  Our range of customers across industry verticals, combined with our extensive partnerships with the leading technology providers gives us unique insight into the technology market place and trends.

Our Office of the CTO comprises our leading technologists from across the UK business, and seeks to guide and direct our customers and partners in their technology strategies and investments.  We are driven by our wider purpose to Enable Success for our customers by sharing our thought leadership and insights as all organisations seek to evolve and transform in this most dynamic of markets.


Technology Insights

September 2020


Computacenter’s Chief Technologists reflect on an unprecedented start to 2020 and the challenges that have been faced, and offer positive perspectives as to how these will shape the remainder of the year and beyond.

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In this new briefing paper Computacenter’s CTO Paul Bray, focuses on IT’s role in supporting businesses throughout this period of disruption and uncertainty.

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Technology Insights COVID-19


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Technology Trends and Insight

February 2020


We have brought together the thinking of three Computacenter Chief Technologists to give their perspective on the last year and a look forwards to 2020

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The Contributors

Paul Bray Large Circle

Paul Bray

PaulCasey Circle

Paul Casey
CTO - Platform & Hybrid IT

Colin Williams

Colin Willliams
CTO – Networking and Security


Ashley Richardson
CTO – Workplace


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We represent our portfolio through our four Digital Propositions, anchored against our Making Digital Work framework and our Transforming Customer Experiences philosophy.

Each of these has been fundamentally updated in the past 12 months to reflect the current  market, and importantly to highlight the adjacency and connections between each of them. The technology marketplace has made the shift from siloed solutions towards integrated solutions, and Computacenter’s approach now embodies that to focus on the technology and business outcome and leverage our capabilities and services in support of this.

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