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Preventive, predictive, proactive: today’s digital workplaces and dynamic workstyles mean people need faster resolutions for their technology problems. Issues need to be anticipated. Requests need to be automated. And engagement channels need to be adapted to meet personal preferences.

Providing flexible and responsive support at scale can become costly and complex without the right processes, tools and skills. To maximise user productivity and satisfaction, the role of support needs to be expanded beyond fixing problems to enriching experiences


A new era in support

Computacenter helps organisations reinvent user support for a digital age. We simplify processes. We enable self service. And we unlock new insights.


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Computacenter helps organisations reinvent user support for a digital age. We simplify processes. We enable self-service. And we unlock new insights.

We help identify and implement the best engagement channels and service levels for different users and workstyles. We prioritise cases. We adapt maintenance response times. We tailor knowledge and self-healing services. We treat everyone as an individual.


  • Predictive and detected support delivered by self-heal solutions.
  • Virtual assistance, natural language intelligent cognitive bots complement world class physical capabilities


  • Mobile, social, chat and self-help channels with intelligent automation for efficiency and productivity.
  • Techcenter, vending and smart lockers for convenience


  • Access to the right expert to solve the problem first time.
  • Services delivered remotely, virtually and in person.
  • Digital business hub delivering solutions embedded into your business to provide services beyond IT.

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