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nformation technology (IT) asset management has become increasingly difficult due to the explosion of devices and rapid pace of change. What’s more, the asset management process is typically fragmented, with multiple departments and groups managing asset data stored in diverse systems. Computacenter Technology Services eliminates these challenges with the Computacenter Hub, a comprehensive cloud-based platform that aggregates IT asset data and streamlines asset management processes.

The Computacenter Hub collects data from various systems, applications, databases, and tools and provides a customizable dashboard view of hardware and software configurations, contracts, financials, and more. Additionally, the Computacenter Hub provides this value for consuming Cisco Lifecycle Services. This release focuses on core technology components:


  • Data Ingestion Engine – automates the collection and organization of asset data from any data source
  • Digital Integration Hub – aggregates multiple data sources and integrates with multiple systems
  • Data Repository – stores asset data in a structured format on a high-performance, low-latency, highly scalable platform
  • Data Visualization Engine – provides a set of interactive dashboards designed for various roles and allows users to build custom dashboards
  • Workflow Engine – converts high-touch operational tasks into digital workflows
  • Self-Service Portal – serves as a “single point of engagement,” providing access to requests, approvals, data visualizations, and other common actions
  • Data Modeling – while these sophisticated technology tools do much of the work, Computacenter recognizes that data collected from numerous sources may be inconsistent and unreliable. Our data consultants use a well-defined data modeling methodology and their knowledge of industry-leading technology partners to bring accurate and usable data into the Computacenter Hub
  • Lifecycle Services – full-lifecycle services help maximize Cisco investments as we shift from hardware-focused solutions to centralized software platforms. We help take full advantage of Cisco solutions through:
    • Planning and implementation assistance
    • Help with licensing and asset management issues
    • Proactive management of hardware and software lifecycles
    • Validation of service-level coverage and co-termination of contracts

Read our fact sheet to learn about IT asset intelligence. Check out our infographic for additional details.




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